Historical Deed Research

Deeds are records of land ownership and transactions. They include a legal description of the land and assist in establishing ownership and land value. What’s the history of the land you own or want to buy? Not sure?

Septic Design

A good septic design takes into account gravity, the water table, and soil conditions while adhering to the New Hampshire state regulations. Bill Wormell has been a NH Waste Disposal System Designer since 1980. His knowledge and experience will help you achieve an approved design.

Land Surveying

Whether it’s boundary, topographic, site or easement and right-of-way surveys, Bill Wormell uses the latest in GPS technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy for your project.

Wetlands Mapping & Permitting

Lakes, rivers, streams, marshes, swamps forests, tidal zone and bogsĀ  are all considered wetlands and are valuable in maintaining our ecosystem and for filtration of our groundwater. Often abundant in wildlife, New Hampshire wetlands provide natural beauty to our local environment. Bill Wormell is a Certified Wetland Scientist.

Land Surveying

Robert Frost had the right idea "Good fences make good neighbors" and a good land surveyor can help you confirm what you own. What type of survey do you need? Read More

Wetland Mapping

Bill Wormell has been a Certified Wetland Scientist with the NH Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau, since 1999.
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