Wetland Scientist

New Hampshire wetlands have often been seen as waste lands, but recent efforts by the Department of Environmental Services have aided in the preservation of our many wetlands. Northwood is one of 33 communities in New Hampshire with designated Prime Wetlands. Typically, a wetland receives this designation because of its large size, unspoiled character and ability to sustain populations of rare or threatened plant and animal species.

Why are wetlands important? Wetlands

  • Help keep drinking water clean.
  • Recycle energy and nutrients.
  • Serve as breeding and nesting grounds for wildlife.
  • Are rich for fishing, canoeing, birdwatching and more.
  • Reduce flooding during storms.
  • Have unique plant communities that can only live in wetlands

For more information on New Hampshire wetlands, visit the DES Wetlands Bureau: http://des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/wetlands/index.htm.

Town and state regulations require wetlands to be delineated on the ground and mapped whenever a property is being developed. The delineated wetland establishes a basis for applying wetland setbacks for development.

Bill Wormell – a Certified NH Wetland Scientist since 1999 – is well versed in the New Hampshire regulations for mapping and permitting.

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